Make Use of Fun Photos

Your brochure might not be the first and the last brochure that your client will review prior to making buying decisions. Good images help in making a huge difference between looking professional and clean or amateurish and sloppy. Even the small companies should try and invest in top quality photos of their company and team members. Quality shown in images helps in conveying the quality level offered by a company. If your company or business is proficient and sharp, your images will genuinely convey this message. If you are family-oriented and friendly, the images will tell this story as well. Thus, in a way, you do not need to utter a single word. The images that you use for marketing will clearly define your service quality.

Brand Everything

Try using your logo on almost everything and in all the materials. It is always very important for you to remain focused on showing how you are completely different from your competitors and why customers should go for your services. Almost everything that you use starting from invoices to magnets to business cards should convey a message and represent your unique brand. This means that every marketing material that you are using should be consistent. The design, color, voice and content should be well coordinated for forming a unified brand. Your business cards and brochures should have a hint of similarity.